How Does It Work?

Sign up by the 20th of each month.  Each month your child will receive a box based on a theme (colors, fall, transportation, community helpers, etc).  Inside each box will be a 4 week lesson plan, activity book and the pieces for each math and literacy activity (nine (9) math and  four (4) literacy activities), plus art and science supplies.  Each activity gives a clear description of the activity, including objectives, assessment, individualization tips and extension ideas.  Since we believe children learn through repetition and hands-on experiences, some of the math activities will be repeated throughout the month and the literacy activities will be done twice a week.


What Ages Is the Preschool2U Box for?

Each box is meant for children ages 3 to 5.  Each activity can be done at your child’s level of understanding.  Each activity also provides suggestions of how to individualize for your child, based on his or her learning level.  For children who fully grasp concepts of the activities, extension ideas are given to help enhance your child’s learning.


What If The Activities Are Too Easy for My Child?

Our goal for each activity is to enhance your child’s learning at whatever level they are at.  To help do this, we provide extension ideas for each activity (i.e.,  a sorting activity would use an addition and subtraction how-to idea).  Extra enhancement activities can also be purchased on our website under our Shop tab.  


What Are Your Prices?

Monthly: $42.99/month*
Quarterly: $41.99/month*
Six Months: $40.99/month*
12 Months: $39.99/month*

*Plus Shipping.

What If I Have More than One Child?

 Add boxes for as many kids as you would like at 25% off each additional box! 


What Makes Preschool2U Different? 

  • Preschool2U focuses on core academic content areas that are based on Common Core educational standards. The goal of Preschool2U is to prepare your child for Success in Kindergarten.  Each objective for each activity is based on a Kindergarten standard, and can be individualized based on your child’s level of understanding,  therefore encouraging your child to reach his or her highest potential.
  • Preschool2U offers more! We focus on five content areas: Math, Literacy, Writing, Art and Science.
  • Preschool2U provides ALL the supplies you will need! No need to go to the store to buy any supplies.
  • Preschool2U focuses on your child’s specific learning level through the following: Assessment (assess learning), Individualization (child lead learning) and Extension (enhance learning).


What Content Will My Child Learn?

We focus on teaching children the foundational math and literacy skills needed to prepare them for Kindergarten.  These math and literacy skills align with the Common Core Standards (www.corestandards.org);

  • Counting
  • Numerals
  • Algebra (sorting, classifying, addition, subtraction)
  • Patterns
  • Geometry
  • Letters 
  • Sounds
  • Alliteration
  • Rhyming
  • Writing


What Materials Will Be Needed?

NONE! Everything is supplied! Each box comes with an activity book with all the pieces needed for each activity (some of which will need to be cut).  Each box also comes with colored pencils or pencils to use to complete weekly journal entries.  Each box also comes with all the materials needed for four art activities and one simple science experiment.


How Much Time Is Required?

On Mondays and Wednesdays, you will do one or two math activities; on Tuesdays and Thursdays you will do one literacy activity.  Based on your child’s learning level each activity could take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes.  Each activity is simple but can also be extended in a variety of ways.  The Art and Science activities can be done at any time and will also take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes.


I’m Not a Teacher, Will I Be Able to Teach My Child?

Absolutely! Each activity has a step-by-step description of how to complete the activity (including questions you can ask your child while doing the activity).  Each activity also comes with tips of how to make the activity fit your child’s level of understanding (Assessment, Individualization and Extensions).


Do You Ship Outside of the United States?

Currently we do not offer shipping to outside the United States. 


How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

If you are not completely satisfied with Preschool2U, you can cancel your membership and discontinue your monthly payments at any time. In order to cancel before you are renewed for the next shipment, you need to contact Preschool2u prior to the renewal date on the 20th of each month. If your membership has already renewed and you’d like to cancel an upcoming shipment, you must request cancellation by the 24th of the month to be eligible for a refund.


To request cancellation, email us: support@thepreschool2U.com. We’ll get back to you promptly!


The Value of Preschool2U for Your child:

  • Enhances Children’s Math Skills: Nine (9) math activities with hands-on materials so your child can see how math works.
  • Enhances Children’s Literacy Knowledge: Four (4) literacy activities that will each be repeated to allow for repetition and enhancement in their learning.
  • Enhances Children’s Writing Skills: Four (4) journal entries to encourage early writing skills.
  • Enhances Children’s Creativity through Art Activities: Four (4) art activities to encourage your child’s imagination and creativity.
  • Enhances Scientific Inquiry Skills through a simple Science Experiment: One (1) experiment to learn to hypothesize, test, and see the results.
  • Enhances Children’s Individual Learning: Each activity provides tips of how to individualize the content based on your child’s learning level.
  • Enhances Children’s Knowledge through Extensions: Each activity provides tips of how to extend the content to further enhance your child’s knowledge of the content.
  • Enhances Children’s Learning through Assessment: In your child’s first box, you will receive an assessment chart to document your child’s learning.