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Parents & Kids Love It!

My daughter and I both LOVE Preschool2U. Its just what we needed – enough structure to help me teach and enough wiggle room to do what we wanted! Plus the excitement for my four-year-old of getting to open the bags and see what we were doing that day it is just so great for her!

Happy Parent & Kid

It’s just 2 weeks and my daughter started spelling her name! My daughter and I are having a good time doing the daily activities. Also the "Preschool2U" videos are really helpful as a mom who doesn't have any experience teaching kids. I would highly recommend Preschool2U! 

Happy Parent & Kid

We have done other preschool curriculum that didn’t challenge and excite him like Preschool2U did. He loved learning new things that he could use in real life and it was also fun! As a mom with other littles it was also nice to have everything we needed sent to us in a box and not have to go to a store or search our house for the supplies we would need. So convenient!! I highly recommend others to check out Preschool2U.

Happy Parent & Kid